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Greenhorns is a young farmers organization: a non-traditional grassroots network with the mission to promote, recruit and support the entering generation of new farmers. Greenhorns are cultural workers: producing film, radio, songs, guidebooks, posters, almanacs, mixers, exhibits; bundling and broadcasting news, voices, gossip, and professional development materials to our growing audience. The moniker greenhorn was historically a derogatory term for a newcomer, a new-entrant, a new-immigrant. But Greenhorns exists to celebrate these new entrants, to welcome them into the movement, and connect them with the human and cultural resources, training, skills and community they'll require to succeed, professionally, in American agriculture. As a nation, we urgently require the service of new farmers, particularly those trained in organic practices, to revitalize our countryside, rebuild a regional food economy, rekindle the health of the soil and watersheds currently suffering from the corporate monoculture currently dominant. With reform on our minds, and small-business entrepreneurship as our method, the young farmers movement is undaunted by the generation-long timescale of this cultural project: to re-diversify the agrarian economy, with owner-operated businesses, ethical practices, and a resilient value-chain for food security.

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Sorry we don’t have any events but we’d love to change that. Have a thought on where one of our 400 authors could speak. Contact Author Events Manager, Jenna Stewart at

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