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Employee Owners of Chelsea Green Publishing

In 2012, Chelsea Green became an employee-owned company as a way to “practice what we publish” and lay the groundwork to ensure that the founders’ legacy remained intact in the decades to follow. The move made Chelsea Green unique among book publishers in an industry dominated by investor-driven, multinational corporations. Only a handful of independent book publishers can claim employee-ownership status, and of those Chelsea Green will be near the top in terms of the percentage controlled by employees. With the rise of the Internet, new media platforms, and a constantly shifting bookselling landscape, the future of publishing is anything but predictable. But if Chelsea Green’s books prove anything, it is that, despite these challenges, there remains a hunger for new and important ideas and authors, and for the permanence and craftsmanship of the printed word. Today our ongoing mission is stronger than ever, as we launch into our next thirty years of publishing excellence.

Meet the employee owners and the mission of Chelsea Green in their own words.


General & Administrative

Margo Photo by Andrew Nemethy2Margo Baldwin, President & Publisher

Photo Credit: Andrew Nemethy

Sandi Eaton2.jpgSandi Eaton, Business & Distribution Director

Chelsea Green Publishing has been in business for over thirty years, remains independent, and is now employee owned. Chelsea Green aims to be the leading publisher of books on sustainable living and is committed to publishing books “that make a difference,” while providing our customers with the finest editorial content.

Elizabeth BabcockElizabeth Babcock, Fulfillment & Distribution Assistant

Chelsea Green Publishing is an employee-owned company committed to all aspects of sustainable living. Our books offer practical, realistic solutions for sustainability from the ground up. Our goal is to provide resources that empower citizens to take planet-saving action through the politics and practice of sustainability.



Joni PradedJoni Praded, Senior Editor

Chelsea Green Publishing cultivates and purveys books that address the environmental, social, and political challenges of our time. Our books convey both bold ideas and practical, hands-on tools to change the way we shape communities, approach governance, grow food, build shelter, power our homes and towns, and conduct business. Founded in 1984, we focus on publishing foundational books and leading voices in many disciplines, all united by a desire to build a better, sustainable future. An employee-owned company, we adhere to strict environmental standards for book production and uphold socially responsible business practices.

Brianne GoodspeedBrianne Goodspeed, Senior Editor and Subrights Manager

Chelsea Green publishes books to empower individuals and communities. We acknowledge that the natural world is under attack and that far from providing meaningful solutions, government and big business are at the root of dysfunction. With that in mind, our publishing program offers alternative ideas and practical skills that can help us build lives of resistance, resilience, and regeneration. While our books cover a wide range of subjects, all share a fundamental vision of providing solutions that will help us move toward a livable future.

Ben Watson by Ian AldrichBen Watson, Senior Editor

Chelsea Green is committed to publishing and promoting progressive ideas that sustain and improve our natural environment and human culture. As an employee-owned company, we care deeply about the quality of our books, from editing to design and production. We aim to publish works that make a difference, ones that will be relevant and useful to our readers over the long term, both today and in the future.

Photo Credit: Ian Aldrich

Michael MetivierMichael Metivier, Associate Editor

As the world moves deeper into a century fraught with social, environmental, political, and other challenges—all interconnected, and all exacerbated to extreme degrees by resource depletion and global climate change—it is imperative that both individuals and societies seek not the sustainability of the status quo, a “green” variation on the current model of economics and culture, but a return to modes of self-sufficiency that by definition respect the limitations of a finite world. Chelsea Green is committed to publishing books that encourage readers to wrest control of these critical aspects of their familial and community lives back from institutional forces that concentrate power and wealth in the hands of the very few. Food, health, energy, land—at no time in history has the common good for all of these necessities been so imperiled by an outdated orthodoxy. But instead of merely provoking readers to shake their fists at injustice, Chelsea Green puts tools in their hands, to heal, to grow, to build, to transform.

Fern BradleyFern Marshall Bradley, Senior Editor 

Chelsea Green publishes eloquent, informative, and beautiful books on subjects that matter. Our publishing program supports the quest for societies to shift to a more sustainable balance among humans and the whole of the Earth community. Our books on regenerative farming and gardening, nourishing food, renewable energy, natural health, and strengthening local economies and communities help readers develop the skills, insights, and resilience to adapt to change and meet the arduous challenges of our time.


Bill BokermannBill Bokermann, Director of Print Buying and Ebook Distribution

Chelsea Green, a proudly independent, employee-owned company, will continue to be the publishing leader for books on the politics and practice of sustainable living, both in the content we publish and the environmental practices we observe in the production of our books. We will continue our commitment to remain at the forefront of information about green building, organic growing, and renewable energy, as well as the politics of diversity and opposition to environmental degradation and depletion. Chelsea Green sees publishing as a tool for effecting cultural change and seeks to empower citizens to reduce their ecological impact and to help mitigate worldwide social and environmental disruptions.

Patricia StonePatricia Stone, Production Director

Chelsea Green Publishing produces and distributes books for people and the planet. We help cultivate the ideas of authors who are experts in their fields into books that help readers gather ideas for their life. We keep the environment in mind when manufacturing books by using postconsumer-waste paper and printing books in the United States and Canada. As an employee-owned company, we understand the importance of nourishing our employees, authors, readers, and the planet.

Alex BullettAlex Bullett, Production Coordinator

Chelsea Green Publishing seeks to provide readers with the best information available, organized efficiently and beautifully, by people who care whole-heartedly.

Melissa JacobsonMelissa Jacobson, Book Designer

Chelsea Green helps prepare and sustain the world for a community that cares about managing future resources, while working actively to improve lives and the environment. Publishing thought-provoking and informative books provides the backdrop for a company that practices its values. Chelsea Green consistently prints on FSC-certified, recycled paper, invests in its community and employee owners, and uses time and resources to share excitement for these ideas around the world.


 Darrell Koerner2Darrell Koerner, Special and Corporate Sales Manager

The mission of Chelsea Green Publishing is both to critique and to provide alternatives to the current dominant paradigm that views humankind as the pinnacle of life on earth. We publish authors and books that celebrate and honor the diversity and sacredness of all life and natural systems, and that offer ways of living on the planet that are beautiful, practical, and meaningful. Our goal is to provide people with sustainable examples and resources that will build healthy communities and empower relocalization, from the watershed to the bioregion. 

Michael WeaverMichael Weaver, Trade Sales Manager

I believe that this contest between industrialism and agrarianism now defines the most fundamental human difference, for it divides not just two nearly opposite concepts of agriculture and land use, but also two nearly opposite ways of understanding ourselves, our fellow creatures, and our world.” – Wendell Berry

We believe that the sins of unfettered industrial capitalism are many: that our times are increasingly defined by a rise of corporate power and influence resulting in the exploitation of the commons, the destruction of the natural world, the persecution of indigenous peoples and the global lower class, the extreme concentration of wealth and power, and the silent garroting of democratic ideals.

Our mission is to counter and oppose these forces and processes by publishing content that challenges the beliefs and practices that enable them, and also provides inspirational and practical alternatives that constitute an ethical and sustainable way of being in the world.

We are determined to provide high-level information to support a “New Agrarianism” that recognizes the immeasurable value of land and common resources and serves to uphold truly democratic access to them.

We are determined to keep Chelsea Green independent in opposition to the massive corporate consolidation of media, and to create a business model that will reflect, at as many levels of structure and function as possible, our commitment to sustainability.

We are determined to encourage and facilitate, curate and amplify a diverse community of voices that will empower and inspire individuals to reduce their ecological impact and to participate in a restorative economy of healthy local communities, bioregional ecosystems, and a diversity of cultures. 

Jeffrey SlaytonJeffrey Slayton, Sales Assistant

As I “listen in,” I sense that Chelsea Green’s mission is to honor, celebrate, and protect life. An essential expression of this is to recognize that Chelsea Green has developed over time into what it is today. We must acknowledge and respect who and what we are now, and that this is the result of many relationships, past and present. Indeed, who we are at this very moment is a constellation of many relationships, and many kinds of relationships. We should pay attention to and care for these relationships. The nature of our mission is such that we care not only about WHAT it is we are engaged in, but also HOW, WHEN, WHY, WHERE, and WHO.

We recognize that anything less is not sustainable. At the same time, as I listen in, I think I hear the sound of Chelsea-Green-As-Bull snorting and pawing at the ground. There is some angst, some power, some urgency, some personality coming through. We are “on a mission,” after all. In particular, we enact our mission by being a publishing company and moving about in the world in the ways that publishing companies can and do. We oversee the co-creation of beautiful, informative books. We artfully present these books and their authors to the world in many various ways and continually explore further possibilities for meaningful connection. At the same time that there is an urgency and desire to provoke and nurture greater movement in the direction of protecting life and earth, we also remember to relax into the embodiment of our mission by honoring and celebrating life. If we don’t do that, we might lose touch with what it is that we are trying to nourish and protect.

Communications and Events

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Shay TottenShay Totten, Communications Director

Chelsea Green Publishing is an employee-owned company that empowers and inspires individuals, and communities, to create restorative bonds with the ecological world and foster alternatives to the systems and beliefs that cause disruption to the global commons. In this work, we provide the information necessary for each new generation to act with purpose and balance to sustain itself and generations to come. 

Christina ButtChristina Butt, Media and Communications Associate

At Chelsea Green we publish books with a shared vision—to make the world a more sustainable place to live.  Since 1984, we have led the industry in books on renewable energy, green building, organic agriculture, eco-cuisine, and ethical business. We not only give our readers the tools they need to live a more sustainable life today, but we circulate the ideas, theories, and solutions to help them build a better future for generations to come. It is this combination of big thinking and hands-on techniques that makes Chelsea Green your one-stop shop for all things sustainable. 

Jenna StewartJenna Stewart, Author Events Manager 

Chelsea Green Publishing is the leading publisher of books on sustainable and self-reliant living.  As a company, we offer high-quality, fairly priced books that provide our readers with the knowledge and tools to create innovative solutions and make informed choices toward living a sustainable life. As a company, Chelsea Green is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. We strive to do this by minimizing the use of natural resources and energy in our daily business practices. In addition, we print our books and catalogs on chlorine-free, recycled paper and are proud members of the Green Press Initiative. 

Kirsten WilsonKirsten Wilson, Author Events Assistant 

 Chelsea Green publishes books that challenge the status quo—offering tools for resistance against the oppressive and unsustainable models of our day. As a progressive publishing company that values process as much as content, Chelsea Green prioritizes environmentally conscious printing and socially responsible business practices. Our goal is to inspire and cultivate change in your lives and in your communities, for a better future for all.

Online and Social Media

Gretchen KruesiGretchen Kruesi, Online Marketing Manager

Employee-owned Chelsea Green publishes books written by experts grounded in the holistic principles that you will turn to time and time again. We don’t tailor to the latest trends, but focus on being a trusted resource for timeless, traditional skills, while bringing new ideas and techniques. We publish books and ideas for communities looking for solutions—and individuals looking for paths toward self-reliance and sustainability. From print to practice—in the authors we publish, our partnerships, and our printing practices—we’re more than a publishing company. In short, we publish books to live in concert with the natural world and provide a vehicle for creating a better world. 

Kalin Burkhardt1Kalin Burkhardt, Social Media and Marketing Associate

Chelsea Green publishes books on the practice and politics of sustainable living, covering topics including organic farming, gardening, ecology, food, sustainable business, and more. We are committed to making the world a better place to live by circulating books that will inspire individuals and communities to take part in the restoration of our environment and the building of a more sustainable future.